Black Magic

Black Magic is a superior black spiced rum with exceptional taste.

A unique blend of light and dark rums from the Caribbean infused with secret exotic spices, it is crafted to be more versatile than other brands.

Every sip a new experience; enjoy the aroma of vanilla extract and mixed spices, followed by the captivating taste sweet cinnamon and clove with a finish that leaves you with a sweet and oaky lingering of brown sugar, vanilla and cloves.

Dark, spicy, and complex; Black Magic’s balanced profile and fullness of flavour makes it an excellent stand-out in rum and coke or in cocktails.

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Tasting notes

Vanilla extract followed by brown sugar and mixed spices of cinnamon and clove then sweet, slight oak finish.


Gold Medal, “Best in Class” (Spiced Rum Category) – Miami Rum Festival 2017

Country of Origin

Puerto Rico



Bottle Size